afa-logoThe opportunity to partner with the ministry of Amy for Africa is image38a blessing far beyond our ability to adequately express.

Chris and Amy Compston are shining examples of God’s redemption and love. For many amy-5years, both struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. On more than one occasion, their lives could have ended. Eventually, they sincerely repented and gave their hearts to God. It was at this point, image35God broke the chains of bondage. His plans for them began to unfold in a remarkable way.

amy-0002Amy ran in the 2013 Boston Marathon. 22 members of her family attended, and spent the day near the finish line… 20 feet from bomb number one. rob-4Had Amy finished five minutes slower, her entire family would have been devastated. Upon returning home, she asked Mark Maynard – a dear Christian brother and leader at her church – if he would help her run to raise money amyfor missions in Africa.

Over the past three years, Amy for Africa has touched the lives of tens of thousands of impoverished people in remote areas of Uganda. In May amy-2-s2015, AFA delivered 26,316 pairs of shoes to children in several villages where soil borne parasites are the second leading cause of disease. In May 2016, AFA led a medical mission of 22 doctors, nurses, and other volunteers to diagnose and treat a variety of prominent ailments in an area of Uganda where nearly 200,000 people have limited access to one doctor.

It has been our extraordinary chris-amyprivilege to participate in this vital ministry. We are currently working to produce a documentary of this amazing young woman and her inspiring story.

With regard to financial transparency, and bang for your buck, we cannot recommend this organization highly enough. Administrative fees are nonexistent. There is no payroll. Every dollar donated goes directly into ministry and vital resources to support the AFA outreach. Chris and Amy actually visit and partner with the missionaries and ministries AFA prayerfully chooses to support. We are aware of Amy cutting off funding to missionaries/ministries that are not good stewards. This first hand, boots on the ground approach ensures that every dollar contributed goes toward expanding God’s Kingdom as efficiently and effectively as possible. You may connect with them directly at: