inside-out-logoChurch Inside Out is a jail ministry founded by Rob Barber and Kevin Harrison. We have been extremely blessed to facilitate hundreds of salvations and baptisms of men and women behind bars. Although we have interacted with some very serious offenders, the vast majority of inmates we see are incarcerated due to drug related crimes… most often self-medicating trauma and pain. It may sound simplistic, but we are convinced that every one of these hurting souls is in this situation because they surrendered HOPE.


The roof of our church.

web-2The reasons are different for each person, from abuse, loss of a loved one, lack of godly parenting, abandonment, generational addiction patterns, and more, but the one root issue is that at some point, they simply lost hope. They just gave up.jail-still-4

It is truly amazing what a little bit of love and sound Biblical life coaching can do. We teach that just as we need to be forgiven for our transgressions, we must also forgive those who have hurt us. It is in forgiving others, that we are jail-still-57set free. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to break the chains of bondage, whether addictions, hurts, anger, bitterness, fear. The power and authority of Jesus Christ is complete. He came to seek and to save the lost, and to set captives free. We are humbled to be His hands and feet in this ministry.

The recidivism rate in this area is 50% returning to jail within the first year, and 90% returning within five years. We are seeing rates far below these averages among the men and women in our ministry. Many of our men and women are living clean for the first time in their adult lives. They are getting jobs, getting married or restoring broken marriages. They are being good parents to their children.

Sadly, we are not successful 100% of the time. It genuinely breaks our hearts to see one of our folks stumble and fall back into old habits… but, we are assured that regardless of current circumstances, they are equipped – as never before – to seek forgiveness and find the answers they will need to eventually get things right.

We rejoice as we review those who are succeeding. Every one of them is absolutely worth the investment.

There is a significant need for funds to provide Bibles and other study materials, as well as treats and personal items as permitted. We have found a source of quality Celebrate Recovery Bibles (which retail for $28 each) for only $12. These Bibles are filled with testimonies and lessons for recovering addicts. They are highly favored, and are kept and used for many years. We have negotiated opportunities to purchase other study materials at deep discounts. We avoid paying retail if at all possible, in order to stretch every dollar available.

We sincerely appreciate your prayerful consideration of supporting this vital ministry. No amount is too small or insignificant. We have no payroll, or overhead to support. Every penny goes directly toward reaching broken hearts, and literally setting captives free. Blessings!